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"I refuse to be ableism’s commodity."

Sulaiman Khan

Sulaiman is an independent consultant, speaker, and writer on Disability, Creativity, and Equitability.

Sulaiman [he/him/Disabled] loves to create relationships, stories, and magic. He is the award-winning Founder and Chief Purpose Officer of ThisAbility Limited, a disability-led equity business. ThisAbility helps socially conscious organisations focused on sustainability, technology, or design to increase revenues by engaging the estimated $8 Trillion disabled market.

Sulaiman is also the Co-Founder at Cripjoy, a transnational, majority-BIPOC community of practice reworlding mental health through an intersectional, anti-ableist, and anti-sanist lens.

With over 35-years’ lived-experience of disability and over 10-years’ experience in the creative industries, he works tirelessly to ignite, invest in, and amplify disabled creativity across the world for a Just tomorrow for disabled people.